What is P90X?


Home workout videos have made a comeback in recent years. Programs such as the P90X guarantee big results if you follow their system, which is much more than doing the exercises on the DVD. The P90X workout makes claims that guarantee you will get “absolutely ripped” in 90 days or you can get your money back.

All the program requires in terms of exercise equipment is a set of dumbbells or resistance bands and a pull–up bar. But does it really work? And what is P90X? We will help you sort it all out.

P90X takes a significant daily time commitment of about an hour a day, but to deliver the desired results, this is what it takes. The program is for 90 days (13 weeks). The program has had success through word of mouth and by heavily advertising on television infomercials and other media, often with participants with their shirts off or in sports bras to show the dramatic before and after improvement in their physique from the workout system.

The program is for men and women but in their advertising, they tend to target men more looking to get “ripped”. P90X also uses spokespersons such as ESPN radio sports talk show hosts who participate in and pitch the program, which is also identified as an “Extreme Home Fitness system”.

The P90X Workout, which is lead by personal trainer Tony Horton, comes with 12 different DVD workouts with training targeted for lean development and to raise metabolism. The program includes strength building, cardio, core exercises, and yoga. The program uses muscle confusion techniques by introducing new exercises so that your body is continually pushed during the workouts and no plateau is achieved. Participants can mix–and–match routines to stay more motivated.

The program also includes a fitness guide and nutrition plan and participants can choose from a Classic, Lean, or Doubles schedule. It is a three–phase nutrition plan and includes supplement options. P90X also offers calendar and 24/7–customer support to track progress and get help.

The P90X program costs about $140 and is available directly from Beachbody.com, retailers, or online retailers such as Amazon.com. This does not include the aforementioned workout equipment and accessories needed for the program. Other alternative intense fitness programs include Insanity and Turbo Fire.

The P90X workout system will deliver big results if you strictly adhere to the grogram. It requires a 90–day, 13–week commitment of an hour a day, 6 days a week, doing rigorous, but varied workouts. The program also requires participants to follow their nutrition plan, as working out is only part of the equation in weight loss and muscle building.

One word of caution is that because this is such an intense workout, the program starts with a fitness test to determine whether or not you are physically capable of starting the program. Therefore, the program is only recommended if you are in decent physical condition and ready to do a highly vigorous workout.