Schools That Offer Nutritionist Degrees

Are you considering going back to school? Maybe you don’t know about the fast growing career field dietetics and nutrition. Schools that offer nutritionist degrees are looking for those seeking to enter the field. Training to become a nutritionist is available online or at a campus-based location.

Nutritionists are being offered a wide range of career opportunities. Diet choices by individuals have greatly impacted their health and as a professional nutritionist, you can develop programs to educate and provide outreach to those seeking better health outcomes.

Why is There Demand?

We are all living longer and yet the stressors our bodies are exposed to take their toll over time. Nutrition education services are now being offered and reimbursed by insurance providers as a means of prevention to minimize health risks.

Recent studies have shown that proper diet and exercise can greatly reduce risks of diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease and other chronic or life-threatening illnesses. Professional nutritionists are essential for the creation of a healthier society.

Employers have begun offering health-focused services to their employees because a healthy employee is a productive one. Nutritionists play a significant role in this trend towards better health through proper nutrition. Schools that offer nutritionist degrees could place you upon graduation in a job within a clinic, community organization, hospital setting or sports facility educating individuals about nutrition.

A Wide Range of Skills Are Needed

Our diets need to be rich with vital nutrients so we function at our best. Poor diets result in poor health. Working as a nutrition counselor, you will teach healthy living and advise those with special diet needs due to medical conditions. You will be educated in microbiology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology and will be able to apply your knowledge to make a major difference in someone’s life.

Heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer and obesity affect millions and diets have to be managed to assure them the best outcome. Nutritional guidelines are based on scientific evidence and as a nutritionist, you represent that scientific body of evidence. Your clients trust your expertise and be confident that your advice will result in better health outcomes for them.

Different Areas of Specialization

Nutritionists can specialize in certain areas so that they can better serve those receiving diabetic, renal, cardiovascular, oncology, pediatric and geriatric care. In women’s and sports nutrition, research has proven that the needs are specific. Nutritionists have opportunities to research various topics regarding specific populations. The average nutritionist salary is about $55,000 (, which can make this a prosperous and financially rewarding career.

Find Schools

There are many nutritionist programs to choose from. Our website features an online search tool that will locate schools that offer nutritionist degrees based upon your location using your zip code. Decide on either online or campus-based programs to suit your schedule. Explore a range of degrees being offered and start an exciting career today!