Nutritionist Schools


Nutritionist schools are spread out across the United States. However, if you are a working professional or have a family, you may want to go to school online at your convenience. There are more and more schools offering this flexible option.

Nutritionists plan food and meal programs, oversee meal servings and ensure that the meal preparation is done safely and correctly. In addition to helping with meal preparation, a nutritionist may also help patients with special conditions plan meals and learn how to cook with different ingredients. These positions are often held at hospital settings, nursing homes or physicians offices.

Educational Requirements

Nutritionists need a bachelor’s degree in nutrition or a related field. Some nutritionist schools offer specialized programs depending on what area you want to specialize in.

Many physical illnesses have been linked to a poor diet or obesity, nutrition is a strong field to enter into. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the field will see an average job growth, which is important during a poor economy.

Nutrition is becoming more important as recent research suggests that eating healthy can prevent a number of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. More children becoming obese suggests that nutritional counseling is needed in many different settings, not just hospitals. Nutritionist schools can help you stay ahead of the demand for professionals in this health care field.

A Variety of Skills Are Needed

Nutritionists need to be aware of varied diets to help individuals eat healthy while still following their moral or religious views. More and more people are vegetarians and need to find other options to get their protein requirements.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does predict that nutritionists will see approximately a nine percent job growth, which is the average. However, the emphasis is shifting away from disease prevention to improved dietary habits.

The nutritionist average salary is above $50,000. The median 50 percent of nutritionists earned anywhere from $41,000 to $61,000 depending on where they worked and the amount of education.

Find Nutritionist Schools Near You

Many colleges and universities offer a nutrition program. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 279 bachelor’s degree programs as of May of 2008 that are accredited by the American Dietetic Association’s Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education.

These programs can vary so find one that matches with your needs. Online nutritionist schools are convenient but ensure that the school meets any state requirements, if you plan on becoming registered or licensed with the state. Some programs may offer an internship, which can be highly.

If you are interested in becoming a nutritionist, enter in your zip code above to find nutritionist or dietitian schools in your area. You could be on your way to a challenging, rewarding career!