Nutritionist Accreditation

A nutritionist has an important role in protecting their patients from the many risk factors associated with unhealthy diets and lack of needed nutrition. Obviously, such an important role requires proper education and nutritionist accreditation. The education requirements for most states are not overly burdensome for nutritionists.

Educational Requirements

In most states, an aspiring nutritionist must obtain a bachelor’s degree in dietetics, food services or a related field. You will learn about diet planning, institution management, mathematics, biology, chemistry and maybe even a foreign language.

After completing your bachelor’s degree, you’ll need the proper nutritionist accreditation by completing the Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist exam from the American Dietetic Association. Most states will also require that those who complete the exam work as an intern.

The internship will help you obtain valuable real–world experience to complement your formal education. With these steps completed, work as an institutional nutritionist, a nutrition consultant and even a sports nutritionist are all viable options to the successful student.

Other Important Skills

The nutritionist’s job is a communication role. Nutritionists must have good oral and written communication skills to communicate with doctors, surgeons, elderly patients, children and those of diverse backgrounds. Nutritionists find that their job is rewarding as they see how the changes in diet positively impact the lives of their patients.

Finding the Right Courses

There are a variety of educational possibilities available to students studying to become nutritionists. Online programs exist for busy students to prepare for their career while working or caring for other responsibilities. Colleges in all parts of the United States also offer excellent programs for nutritionists.

Be sure to investigate the college of your choice, speaking to current students and teachers if possible. Make sure you understand the nutritionist accreditation that is offered by online programs and how much additional schooling will be required. The rewarding career of a nutritionist is waiting for those who successfully complete the necessary education and training.

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