Nutritional Consultants

Becoming a Nutritional Consultant, which can also have titles such as Nutrition Counselor, or Weight Management Consultants, can be a very rewarding career. Nutritional consultants may have the ability to better choose their area of expertise and own their own business.

Nutritional consultants can work in the following capacities:

–  Open their own certified nutritional consultant business
–  Provide consult for individuals, companies, or organizations
– Perform work for weight loss clinics, treatments centers, health clubs, spas or resorts
–  Write articles for health and nutrition publications
–  Write books on nutrition and other health matters
–  Public speaking, lecturing, or holding health seminars
–  Own, manage, or work in a health food store
–  Sell or market nutritional or health related products

Nutritional consultants help their clients understand how the food they eat affect their bodies. Their incomes can vary greatly but the average nutrition consultant salary is $60,000 per year. Nutritional consultants help teach people that with proper diet and education; they really can change their lives for the better.

ental agencies such as Centers for Disease Control and National Institute of Health. They help people understand food choice behavior and how food intake influences those behaviors. Community nutritionists help design, implement, and evaluate nutrition education programs and policies. The average community nutritionist salary is $63,000 a year. See our nutritionist average salary page for more information.