Nutrition Technicians

A nutrition technician, or dietetic technician, works with and under the supervision of a registered nutritionist. They help plan and implement nutritional programs and services. Nutrition Technicians may work in facilities such as hospitals or schools or in nursing homes, prisons, or community health centers. Nutrition technicians may meet with patients to interview them and review their medical histories. They may help their patients plan meals that fit their dietary needs and reports on the patients’ progress or any difficulties to the supervising nutritionist.

Nutrition technicians may also work in food service managements roles. They may plan meals and menus, maintain food quality and safety standards. Nutrition Technicians may also be tasked with designing and implementing new food service systems into facilities.

Nutrition Technician Education

Nutrition technicians need to take courses in biology, chemistry, algebra, English, home economics, business, physical education, psychology, and computers among others. Most employers require an associate’s degree in a nutrition related field from an accredited community college that is approved by the American Dietetic Association. Accredited programs combined courses of study with practical experiences. Individuals must then also pass an exam to become certified or registered, depending on their state’s requirements.

Being a nutrition technician can be a varied and rewarding career. The average nutrition technician salary is about $37,000 a year. Pay is dependent upon your experience, job location, and area of specialization.