Nutrition Science Degree

A nutrition science degree opens up many doors for careers such as dieticians, nutritional consultants, sports nutrition, and many different jobs in health care fields. In short, the study of nutrition science researches the connections between the body, the nutrients taken in, and overall health.

What is Nutrition Science?

By definition, nutrition science is about studying how the body takes the nutrients given and transforms them into usable energy. The changes the body undergoes such as aging, exercising, pregnancy and illness, all affect digestion and how the nutrients are utilized.

Nutrition science works on coming up with ideas to use nutrition to enhance overall health and control illness and disease. Nutrients that are taken into the body are the building blocks of cell health. By studying how these nutrients are digested and utilized, nutrition science specialists learn more about how to help the body get and stay healthy.

Types of Courses

The course of study in nutrition science typically focuses on exploring nutrition and how food choices factor into a lifestyle of good health. Anatomy, chemistry and psychology are subjects that are covered in depth during the pursuit of a nutrition science degree.

During the course of study for a nutrition science focus, students will be involved in things such as studying the nutritional requirements for children and athletes or others with specific and unique dietary needs as opposed to the average person.

Often students will do research to contribute to the professor’s ongoing research project, as well as going on to complete their own thesis in the field of study. To find out about wages in this field, see our average nutritionist salary page.

Nutrition Science Careers

If you are a person who wants to learn about how we really are what we eat and how nutrients affect the body from digestion stages to the energy that fuels us, nutrition science might be the thing for you. How what we eat affects our health, how circumstances affect the digestion of what we eat and in turn our energy levels are part of studying overall nutrition science as well.

A nutritional science degree can open up opportunities to work in a wide range of settings including hospitals, health clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, corporate settings, kitchens, private practice, and with athletes among others.

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