Pursuing a Health and Wellness Degree


If you are passionate about your own physical health, as well as that of your family and friends, and love finding ways to live a healthier life, pursuing a health and wellness degree may be the perfect fit for you. It is a degree that can provide you with the expertise to pursue a career that allows you to do what you love.

A Wide Range of Opportunities

There are several different categories of potential employers for people who graduate with health and wellness degrees. One common type is government or corporate jobs, such as in a supervisory or directorial position. Many other individuals with a health and wellness degree pursue a more hands–on career, working in a gym or fitness center.

Finally, many cities and counties are attempting to combat the increasing numbers of individuals with diabetes, obesity and other fitness–related conditions by developing community health programs, another promising field for people with health and wellness degrees.

Specific jobs can vary widely, no matter what the overall type of employer. A person working for a gym could serve as a one on one personal trainer, a group class instructor, a personal diet plan designer, or a general supervisor. Corporate positions can range even more widely, from a cruise ship wellness director to a pharmaceutical sales representative. Other potential openings, whether for a community program, a gym or a corporation, can include working as a nutritionist, an inspector, a therapist, or an educator.

Education Programs

Some people who receive health and wellness degrees choose to use the degree as a launching point to pursue further education, rather than pursue immediate employment based solely on the degree itself.

For example, people who are passionate about both health and education and therefore wish to teach health–related classes to children in school will need to pursue a state teaching licensure in addition to their degree. The specific licensure they need, and the program they must complete to receive it, depends on their state and the grade level they wish to teach.

Some people also choose to pursue additional education to accompany their primary degrees – in many cases, this is in specialized fields like kinesiology, medicine or gerontology. These accompanying programs can be on the same education level as the primary degree, or they may be pursued on a graduate or even a doctoral level.

Find Health and Wellness Programs Near You

The journey to reach your long–term career goals can seem overwhelming, but the important thing is to do something – no matter how small it may be. The expression “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” definitely applies here! To take your first step on the journey to a health and wellness degree and beyond, enter your ZIP code to receive customized information on available programs in your area.