Celebrity Nutritionists

For pop stars, movie stars, talk show hosts, and TV actors and actresses, being fit and trim is a big part of their job. But this is no easy task. Celebrities need professional guidance to stay that way and often have a team of professionals to help them accomplish their goals. Celebrity nutritionists are vital in helping their famous clients choose healthy food that still taste great.

Good nutrition is important for everyone, but it is especially so for people who are the focus of public attention. Being in front of the camera makes them constantly aware of how they look, so they have extra motivation to look great and maintain an excellent physical condition.

Popular Actors Using Nutritionists

Some of the most popular actors rely on expert advice to make sure they eat the right foods in the proper quantity. It is no accident that Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Donnie Wahlberg and James Franco look the way they do.


Celebrity nutritionist Carrie Wiatt has worked hard to keep them that way. A key part of the programs that Wiatt uses for her clients includes incorporating their preferences into numerous menu selections that are delivered to their door.

She knows that a successful nutritionist has to develop a personal relationship with each client. As a result, Wiatt develops recipes that taste the way they want them to, adapted to contain only low-fat and low-calorie foods.

Other Celebrity Nutritionists

Experience in managing a personal weight problem encouraged Mitzi Dulan to enter the field of nutrition so she could help others. The Kansas City Royals team uses her guidance to keep the baseball players in excellent condition.

Athletes tend to need a larger quantity of food than other people, so it is essential to provide filling and non-fattening dishes for them. Many well-known clients have chosen Mitzi as a nutrition spokesperson, including Bonefish Grill, Kellogg and Sara Lee among many others.

Mitzi is an ardent supporter of preparing healthful foods that burst with flavor. Her appearances on the major television channels have led many people to understand the importance of good nutrition.

Transforming Bodies

Many actors and actresses have transformed their bodies with the help of celebrity nutritionists. For example, actor Jonah Hill, who was previously very obese, recently lost a great deal of weight, to which he credited a nutritionist in an interview with ABC:

It was just mostly diet. I wish there was some crazy thing that I did, like a pill or a genie or something. But it was, unfortunately, I went to see a nutritionist, and he told me what to eat to change my habits and stuff. I found that Japanese food was very helpful to me.

-Jonah Hill

Other actors and actresses use celebrity nutritionists to help them buff up for roles. For example, actor Hugh Jackman underwent a high-protein diet under the direction of a nutritional consultant and went through rigorous workouts in preparation for his role in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”.

Celebrity Nutritionists

Since they provide a valuable service to high paying clients, it is no surprise that celebrity nutritionists are some of the highest paid professionals in their field. Celebrity nutritionist salaries can easily reach well into the six-figures for their work.

In addition to their client fees, celebrity nutritionists have the added benefit of the publicity of their work to command speaking fees, write books, articles, and make other media appearances.

Becoming A Celebrity Nutritionist

Nutritionists provide knowledge about dietary matters to people who may not understand them or who do not use them properly. Obesity has many causes, but the kinds of foods that one eats are directly related to it. Whether you work as a celebrity nutritionist or in another capacity in the field, the service that a nutritionist offers can improve the quality of life greatly for their patients.

A person who enjoys helping others achieve good health may consider a career as a dietician or nutritionist. In addition, an understanding of biology and science are positive indicators of success in the field. The proper preparation of healthful menus and recipes requires a depth of knowledge that is acquired by years of study at the college level.

Nutritionist degrees may require either a two-year or a four-year program, and licensing may occur on completion of college training. Generally, licenses are provided to graduates who have earned a four-year degree. But if you want to work as a celebrity nutritionist, it is crucial to develop a portfolio and track record of success and then be able to market yourself and cultivate relationships that get you top paying clients.