Registered Dietitian Careers

A Registered Dietitian works closely with doctors and patients to provide care and improved health. So, what is a Registered Dietitian and what do they do? Every individual has different dietary needs. But for some, making dietary changes is a health necessity. Nutritional requirements for sufferers of such conditions as […] Read more »

Schools That Offer Nutritionist Degrees

Are you considering going back to school? Maybe you don’t know about the fast growing career field dietetics and nutrition. Schools that offer nutritionist degrees are looking for those seeking to enter the field. Training to become a nutritionist is available online or at a campus-based location. Nutritionists are being […] Read more »

Nutritionist Dietitian Difference

Most people do not know the nutritionist dietitian difference. Many people believe they are synonyms. However, although they are both in the health profession and advise patients/clients on the principles of good eating and weight management, there are considerable differences in their education, occupation and pay. Differences in Education There […] Read more »

Top Nutritionist Schools

Looking for a new degree program to earn your degree as a nutritionist can be confusing. There are a lot of different programs and schools to choose from. At, we can help you find the top nutritionist schools on the market. Your future as a health care professional is […] Read more »

Celebrity Nutritionists

For pop stars, movie stars, talk show hosts, and TV actors and actresses, being fit and trim is a big part of their job. But this is no easy task. Celebrities need professional guidance to stay that way and often have a team of professionals to help them accomplish their […] Read more »