Registered Dietitian Careers

A Registered Dietitian works closely with doctors and patients to provide care and improved health. So, what is a Registered Dietitian and what do they do?

Every individual has different dietary needs. But for some, making dietary changes is a health necessity. Nutritional requirements for sufferers of such conditions as diabetes or heart disease, those who participate in sporting events and members of various age groups are the primary responsibility of a Registered Dietitian. Helping patients can make Registered Dietitian careers very rewarding.

Registered Dietitians are the most credible source of nutritional information in clinical and public sectors of the community. With substantial scientific study and by keeping abreast of new scientific information regarding nutrition and the human body, a Registered Dietitian tailors a dietary schedule to promote good eating habits while meeting vitamin and mineral deficiencies head on.


Education Requirements for Registered Dietitians

The educational requirements Registered Dietitians must meet are approved by the American Dietetic Association and offers courses in environmental sciences, food service, business and nutrition as well as chemistry and economics. A student wishing to become a Registered Dietitian also performs services in a public health care facility, thus earning credits towards a bachelor’s degree.

Upon successful course completion and completion of a national registration exam, students are placed into a healthcare database and can begin their rewarding career as a Registered Dietitian. There is some confusion between working as a dietitian vs. a nutritionist. While the difference are subtle, there are small, but important distinctions.

Maintaining an active registration status requires Registered Dietitians to keep informed of scientific breakthroughs and attend educational training, periodically. There is also the option to enter into a specialized field such as pediatrics or geriatrics through additional courses that outline the nutritional sciences specifically for these groups. Specialization in a certain nutritional field can open up job opportunities that are not available to many Registered Dietitians.

A Wide Variety of Registered Dietitian Careers

Laws governing food service and distribution are closely followed by Registered Dietitians. They work in direct correlation with agencies such and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and USDA.

Registered Dietitians provide educational services for patients, healthcare workers and schools on a continual basis, emphasizing the impact of new studies and laws regarding nutritional standards. Many Registered Dietitians find this career choice to be very challenging and fulfilling, as they give back to the community.

There are also opportunities in hospitals, clinics, and many other care facilities. If you enjoy science and working with people, a career as a Registered Dietitian may be for you. Enter your zip code to get information on dietitian and nutritionist schools near you.

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